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The possibilities are endless, and they’re all correct, as long as they work for you. Building self-esteem, particularly if it is low, is an empowering act to help people break free of addiction and self-harm. The lower your self-esteem, the more likely you’ll feel depressed, anxious, lonely, and incapable of achieving new goals.
These kinds of negative thoughts are becoming more common in our homes and schools. Even the most successful people have failed many times. Eat a healthy diet, try to get some physical activity every day and get plenty of rest.

Also, be selfish with your time and make sure you’re focusing on yourself. Negativity can take up loads of your time and can make it feel like you’re spiraling out of control. Instead, be more cognizant about using your time to focus on improving yourself and your happiness.
But you can boost your self-esteem by taking cues from types of mental health counseling. If you are experiencing symptoms of poor self-esteem, there are ways that you can get help. Consider talking to a doctor or mental health professional. A therapist can help you change the thought patterns that contribute to low self-esteem and boost your confidence and opinion of yourself and your abilities.
Self-care is simply any action that is taken with the intent of meeting your needs, whether they’re physical or emotional. It is not selfish to practice self-care because it brings the best version of you to the world. You need to learn to fill up your cup; if you are not well, nothing and no one around you will be well. When you have unrealistic expectations, you ultimately can not attain them or sustain them. When our expectations are too high, we set ourselves up to “fail” and begin to punish ourselves for not measuring up. It is hard to feel grace towards ourselves when we feel like we are just not enough.

The key to mindfulness is observing your thoughts and emotions without any judgment. Try to understand why you feel the way you do without criticizing yourself for it. When you love yourself, you don’t have to burden yourself with past mistakes or spend time thinking about what you could have done differently.
Self-love is the feeling of acceptance when you look at and think about yourself. People with high self-love are confident, happy, and positive about themselves and their situation in life. They also avoid people-pleasing and treat themselves with respect. "One of the best ways to recognize if we are not giving ourselves love and respect is how we are treating our body, our mind, our heart, and our time," Smith says. Having a solid relationship with yourself is a cornerstone to living an authentically happy life and for bringing healthy relationships into your life with others. This is the foundation for how we live our lives and defines how we treat ourselves and how we live out our life.

Pyschotherapy, finding the ‘right’ life coach, get the newest book. Sounds like taking a life philosophy and turning it into an industry $$$. What I learnt was that feelings of worthlessness or other such feelings were mental afflictions brought on by past words or actions that had seared themselves in our subconscious minds. The antidote, was to make a point of doing something nice for someone else or celebrating the successes of others. By doing so, over time, your own feelings of worthlessness would go away. This strategy requires a good amount of discipline and mindfulness, of course.
Feeling good will put you in a better frame of mind to take care of yourself. Acceptance and commitment therapy is one that works to identify negative thoughts stain then distance yourself from them. It works on taking the power out of the negative thought instead of replacing or feeling overwhelmed by them.

How would you treat someone you care about who was in the same situation? In many cases, you may find that you would give them understanding, patience, empathy, and kindness—so it is important to show yourself the same unconditional support instead of beating yourself up. Spend time thinking about the things you have accomplished and the things you take pride in. Allow yourself to appreciate your worth and your talents without making comparisons or focusing on things that you’d like to change. It is important to let go of the idea that you need to be perfect in order to have value. Share your struggles with someone else who can offer unconditional support.
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In this growth, says Lucas, may be the secret of true human well-being, as well as more of the requisite empathy and connectedness we so desperately need in today's world. Once he made this discovery, he started practicing Self Love on himself. It was difficult at first, but he continued to practice. And then began teaching and sharing with others.

Treating your body like a loving vessel will boost not only your self-love but also your energy. Be intentional about what you put into your body, not because you want to look good but because you want to feel good. Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will have you oozing love out of every pore. Self-love is a popular concept these days, and it looks a little different for everyone. If you're unsure about how to start showing yourself some love, here are some thought-starters for how to do it today and every day. Read about 'em, try 'em, and then make 'em your own.
No more giving in to your inner-critic; no more listening to that voice telling you that you’re not good enough; no more settling for less than you deserve. Self-love empowers you to make healthy decisions that serve you in the highest good. For the stoics and skeptics, I implore you to set aside whatever resistance you may be feeling right now. And give this one a shot with an open mind and heart. But Kamal’s most transformative experience has been the simple act of learning how to love himself. You don’t have to be a super-mom, a fitness model or a billionaire to be worthy of love.

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