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Timber floors will feel and sound different depending on what is supporting them. Floor joists or battens will have more spring to them and feel easier under foot. Some movement at board joints can occur and this is more so with wider boards. Floors on solid sub-floor such as plywood or particle board will have a more solid feel to them and less movement can be expected. Sale is only applicable to WOODCUT timber flooring in stock, during the sales period.
Australian hardwood floors, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are both available in either engineered or solid boards to provide home-grown warmth and durability. Recognised the world over, wooden flooring is a good investment for both residential and commercial property, increasing the value of the space it occupies. Through this partnership we are able to bring you the most durable engineered laminate flooring and desired oak floorboards that will last you a lifetime. With superior strength and stability and a resistance to pupping and warping, our boards are a long term investment for your property. With Aspire Floors, that perfect Oak Flooring look is achievable for even a limited budget. We provide the full service, from supplying to installation, at excellent value.

Our clients can be sure that when they step into the showroom, they will be startled, looking at us, working hard for our clients. On visiting us at our site, they can also get an insight into the variety of wooden floors that we readily offer. Hence, it becomes easy for them to associate us with the best!
WOODCUT uses a sawn cut extraction method when extracting the veneer from the logs, which does not degrade the quality of the veneer, as opposed to a sliced cut veneer. In a sliced cut veneer, the timber is softened by boiling it, and peeling the veneers off using a slicer. As a result, we would never use this method because you have degraded the quality of the veneer by exposing it to boiling water. Slice cutting is a cost saving exercise as you are making the timber softer so you can peel it off. This method is satisfactory for joinery veneers, but not for flooring.
Offer a rustic range for those locations where a more natural and less ‘clean’ aesthetic is more desirable. A classic and timeless style that was brought in to the spotlight throughout Europe in the late 1600’s, Parquetry has, and always will be, an incredibly popular style. A style that exudes elegance and luxury, and looks at home in any design from formal to contemporary, which makes it is a popular choice among architects and designers alike.

Please confirm sampling colour & grade expectations prior to purchase & installation. Pronto is all about speed and efficiency with the cost conscious consumer in mind. Designed to maximise quality without compromising the performance of the product. Covers the entire supply chain from the management and harvesting of forest resources, processing, manufacturing, sales and distribution of wood products in Australia and around the world.
His team turned up when expected and worked to the agreed schedule despite having to do some extra work on my floors. Zack is a great communicator, his team highly professional and they kept the place as tidy as possible while working. The floors they installed surpassed my expectations and I would recommend them to anyone that values quality workmanship. We have varying timber flooring products for our clients to select from.

American White Oak Timber Flooring is a popular species of flooring due to its interesting and pronounced grain pattern. American White Oak is also a species that takes stain extremely well, meaning that a multitude of colours can be achieved with little fuss. It may contain features that are more prominent than feature grade but with the structural integrity of a feature grade floor. Combines the features of Select and Standard grade to provide a floor with more character than a Select Grade floor. Timber colour can vary greatly within a species and what is provided could differ markedly from other floors or samples of that species you may have viewed.
Can anything ever compare to the durability and warmth of a beautifully professionally laid timber floor? AJ Flooring will allow you to benefit from all the delights that timber flooring offers. We are an expert timber floor installer offering a wide variety of different types of timber flooring types in Sydney. With over 50 years of timber flooring industry experience, our company is focused on delivering high-quality, sustainable timber flooring, with exemplary service and customer satisfaction. Being an engineered timber product , your French oak floor will last longer than a floating floor.
If you are looking to improve the quality and visual appeal of your home’s interior, wood adds natural beauty and warmth, with great practicality. Many Sydneysiders turn to the professional and fully-qualified oak flooring experts at Aspire Floors for long lasting solution in the Sydney area. The team at Floating Floors Direct aren’t just salesmen they are experts in the trade, each with a decade or more of work under their belts.

We offer chic and eye-catching designs suitable for modern homes. Our flooring plans are designed by some of the most renowned architects in the country. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, coupled with artful creativity, to bring you the best of the best styles.
From the very basic, to the highly technical, this website will cater to your every need. Flooring doesn’t get more magnificent than a Quick-Step Massimo genuine oak floor. With its unprecedentedly long and wide planks and superior craftsmanship, this truly unique wooden floor breathes luxury. Few things can ever compare to the durability and warmth that beautifully laid flooring brings. Choosing HeartWood floors will allow you to benefit from the delights that timber flooring offers. This grade offers a unique rustic aged appearance with extenuated natural features including gum vein, knots, surface checking and insect travels.
From the supply stage all the way through to the final sanding which only happens after every other trade has completed their on-site work. That’s when we give the new timber floor its final sanding. That’s one reason we recommend and use a raw timber product rather than a pre-finished one. Then it’s crafted, or “engineered”, using a proven technology, to deliver a visually pleasing product.

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